Angamaly Diaries Movie Review Live FDFS Audience Response

Angamaly Diaries movie review

Director Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest Malayalam movie Angamaly Diaries hit theatres in Kerala on Friday, March 3. The movie has locked horns against Tovino Thomas’ campus entertainer Oru Mexican Aparatha at the Kerala box office. The first show of Angamaly Diaries has started at Carnival Cinemas in Angamaly, and is also being attended by a few cast and crew of the movie.

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The premiere show was also attended by the cast and crew of Angamaly Diaries, which is said to be first-of-its-kind movie in Malayalam with an amazing film making, cinematography and performances. “Superb raw filmmaking and every debutantes have delivered a good performance in it. Every character will remain in your mind for sure. Also, Chemban’s scripting deserves a special mention,” Saiju Kurup told reporters after watching Angamaly Diaries.

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“Very different genre, a realistic and raw filmmaking. Everyone in the film is newcomers, and that’s unbelievable. Anyway all the best for the entire team,” said Ramya Nambeeshan. “It’s a superb movie and will be the next hit in Malayalam,” Anumol said. “Wonderful! Energetic movie. It’s an experience about the place Angamaly. Please do watch in theatres,” Aparna told reporters.

“After a long time, I could watch a realistic movie. There are a lot of things to be experienced in the movie, including its breathtaking climax. Watch the movie in theatres for a beautiful experience,” Sunny Wayne praised the team of Angamaly Diaries.

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Midhun Manuel Thomas

Just out after watching Angamaly Diaries..!! So energetic, very much realistic and highly refreshing coz this is something we get only after long waits..!! Terrific performances from all the artists especially the lead ones. A story from everyday lives of Angamaly written by Chemban Vinod Jose fantastically cinematographed by Girish Gangadharan and beautifully directed by Lijo chettan.. Vijay Babu and FFH deserve a big round of applause for taking up the production.. can book the tickets right away and you should coz you don’t really want to miss this one..!!

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Why Angamaly Diaries is special?

The movie, set in Angamaly, narrates the realistic life of people in the Kerala town. Interestingly, the film scripted by Chemban Vinod Jose, introduces as many as 86 newcomers in main roles.

The ensemble cast includes Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod, Ullas Jose Chemban, Reshma Rajan, Sinoj Varghese, Benny Varghese, Milton Raju, Sarath Kumar, Naveen Kunjumon, Vineeth Vishwam and Sandeep C, among many others.

Even the characters have been given interesting names like Vincent Pepe, Parippu Marty, Kanakuna Marty, U Clamb Rajan, Appani Ravi, Bheeman and Pork Varkey, among many others.

Angamaly Dairies Opens Up: Live Audience Response

nonhealing ulcer‏ @anoopdada
#AngamalyDiaries intense….vann padam….ushaaar…. pwolikkum..

D 🔟‏ @Ps1P
#AngamalyDiaries is a brilliant cinematic experience…Go for it..😍
#AngamalyDiaries 10 mts long single shot climax is brilliant..Gireesh Gangadharan handheld DOP is top notch…Take Bow man..👌👍🙏👏.
Katta local Gang War setted up in Angamali..Liked it..👍Top notch DOP,BGM,Script& Dir..LJP version of entertainment👏👏 #AngamalyDiaries

vishnu mv‏ @vishnum41277694
#AngamalyDiaries is a must watch..u can’t get more realistic than this .#lijo is a trendsetter..@VijaybabuFFH

Movie Planet‏ @MoviePlanet8

Superb movie…
Must watch…
LJP 🙏🏻…Best of his till now…
Performance of lead cast and villains are amazing


Snehasallapam (SS)
abhi reddevil
Interval.. ithuvare gud.. katta local

Tom Babu‏ @Tom_Babu
#AngamalyDiaries interval… Has been great so far… Claps at interval point.

nonhealing ulcer‏ @anoopdada
#AngamalyDiaries interval…..kidu…pwolichu…

Naveed‏ @navu619
variety movie…natural performances…Lijo Jose oru sambavam thanne…camera work and all outstanding… #angamalydiaries

Manorama Online‏Verified account @manoramaonline
#AngamalyDiaries അങ്കമാലിയിലെ കമ്മട്ടിപ്പാടം

ശരത് കൃഷ്ണൻ‏ @Sarath_Human43
In 4 കട്ട ലോക്കൽ പടം #AngamalyDiaries 👍
#OruMexicanAparatha ടിക്കറ്റ്‌ കിട്ടിയില്ല 😞

Tom Babu‏ @Tom_Babu
In for #AngamalyDiaries @ New, Trivandrum… Another day, another first day first show…

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