Angamaly Diaries Movie review: ‘A Katta Excellent Padam’

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Inside the Angamaly Diaries

Director Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest Malayalam movie Angamaly Diaries hit theatres in Kerala on Friday, March 3. The movie has locked horns against Tovino Thomas’ campus entertainer Oru Mexican Aparatha at the Kerala box office.

Angamaly Diaries hit 95 screens of Kerala today. And the movie has received an overwhelming response from the Box office. Here we brought you the Angamaly Diaries movie review.

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Angamaly Diaries revolves around the local people of Angamaly. The movie starts rolling by showing colorful side of Angamaly life. Antony’s Vincent Pepe, a youngster from Angamaly. He leads a happy youthful life with his friends. The movie traverses through different phases in his life. Pepe discontinues his studies to start cable business in his locality. Later he joins in pork meat business. And something went wrong and how Pepe overcomes it is the story of the film.

Cast and Crew Performance

All the cast were new faces, but all the actors took out brilliant performances from their side. Excellent casting helps the film in reaching new heights. The hero of the movie Antony have done complete justice to his role and delivered a top notch performance.

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Lijo Jose Pellisery, the name only gives the audience all the hope to watch this film. Amen and City of Gods shows us his range in direction. He is a kind of directors who tries different concepts and techniques in his films. The next name is Chemban Vinod. Chemban Vinod’s powerful screenplay makes Angamaly Diaries an extra ordinary stuff.

Angamaly Diaries cast and crew

Great camera work and editing work adds something to cheer up for the audience. Shameer Mohammed who works as editor in this movie have also put scissors in Oru Mexican Apartha too. DOP is by Gireesh Ganghadaran (NPCB fame).

Prashanth Pillai’s magical score and music increase the entertaining level of the movie. And also helps in putting the movie in realistic track.

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Angamaly Diaries Movie Review

In one word the movie is ‘Kammatti Padam’ of Angamaly. The realistic movie starts with the colorful life of Angamaly. While first half is full of comedies, actions and a flashback. In second half, the movie is get transformed to a serious path. And Second half stands top with an excellent climax. Overall Angamaly Diaries is a must watch film from theatres. LJP has delivered an outstanding movie. Go for it.

Angamaly Diaries Movie Rating: 4.5/5

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