Dost Se Zyada, Girlfriend se Kam: Be Half Minded to Watch!

Are you Chetan Bhagat’ well-wisher? They do not go to theatres!
Surreal is the word that I will use! Mohit Suri gives the non-English speaking community, the Chetan Bhagat brand of sympathy in Half Girlfriend. Based on the Chetan’s 2014 novel, having same name, the movie is bizarre of facts and imaginations.
Bihari bhouy meets babe in college, two having nothing in common but love blossoms! Madhav Jha , a countryside boy falls in love with upper class, affluent Riya Somani from Delhi. Madhav gets obsessed with Riya due to her stance “dost se zyada but girlfriend se kum”. Madhav and Riya takes two hours to discover their romances!

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Luckily, Mohit Suri knows to throw melodious music to hook audiences and tries to make it lively. Movie even drags Bill Gates into proceedings! I quite wonder what is intensity of a movie going so damp that the protagonists are sleep walking in movie and confused what’s next dialogue?
I will have to admit that this is not the best movie of Chetan Bhagat’s Blockbuster of making movies out of books. He really needs to rethink!
In end, it remains confused, looming and half-cooked! I would really have to say, “Sentiyaa gaye h mere!” Rotten tomatoes!

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