Friday Film House Falls Down? Another Case Filed Against Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas

The well-known production banner of recent times “Friday Film House” is on the verge of extinction. All eyes are now open to perceive what would be the root cause of all the problems between Vijay and Sandra. Friday Film House has produced around 10 films which were of new generation origin and have managed to find a fine place in the industry.

The first movie produced by both of them was Friday and hence they named the production house as Friday film house. They were known for giving chances to young talented youngsters and their movies such as Aadu, Monkey pen, and Adi Kapyare Kootamani were super hits.

But in due course they ended up in a scrap and have parted ways following issues over the company’s ownership. Also, a police case was filed against Vijay Babu for stabbing Sandra Thomas and reports says that she was admitted in a private hospital in Kochi.

Case Filed by Adi Kappyare Kootamani Director

Adding more fuel to this controversy, another case has been registered against the production house by the director of Adi Kappyare Kootamani. The director told that he wanted to do the movie in Tamil but carried on with the Malayalam version as Vijay and Sandra liked the script and they wanted to do it in Malayalam.

But director, John Vargheese had informed them to add a clause in the agreement but they didn’t. And also during the filming they made John to sign an agreement. And later he came to know that it was made in such a way that the remake rights were on their hands. Thus John filed a case against both.

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