Logan Movie Review

17 years. 17 long years. That’s how much time it took for them to come up with a work that does justice to the character of Mr. Claws. But boy was it worth the wait. The first 5 minutes of Logan, simply put, kicks the previous attempts right in the balls and sets the stage for what proves, ultimately, to be the best way to wind up a legendary avatar immortalized by a terrific actor.

The most heartening aspect of the movie is that it does not try and pretend to be part of a larger universe. It is just content with telling the viewers a story in a contained environment. Sure, there are shots of a Samurai sword that takes one on a memory trip back to Wolvie’s adventures in Japan and talk of a certain school for kids with special needs. But all of these feel organic and do not pander to the fan boys.

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Finally free of a family friendly rating, Logan gives the titular character a chance to unleash the beast within, courtesy a series of action sequences that feature copious amounts of blood, guts and savagery. The surge of adrenaline that gets into your veins as you watch X 23, X 24 and Logan in action is undoubtedly worth the price of the ticket.

Patrick Stewart and the actor who portrays X 23 give sensational performances. Boyd Holbrook retains his accent from Narcos and does efficient work as the antagonist. But ultimately, it’s the Swansong of the admantium implanted soldier from the 1800’s and this is Hugh’s career best work. Right from the emotional sequences to the action bits, he puts his blood and soul into the role and comes up with a performance that transcends the superhero genre.

Logan makes you feel very old. I remember watching the first X Men at a barely attended theater and now 17 years later, I watched this one in a packed theater. And a major part of this success has to be attributed to Mr. Jackman.

Thank you, Hugh. Thanks for the memories.

Logan Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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