Mohanlal’s 1000 crore film ‘The Mahabharatha- Randaamoozham’ Confirmed by Producer BR Shetty: Watch Latest Video

Mohanlal's Mahabharata Randamoozham cast and crew, budget, director, release date photo

India’s most expensive film ‘Mahabharatha- Randamoozham’ in its initial stages of pre-production works. Meanwhile there were rumors flying high that the 1000 crore budget is not going to happen in Indian cinema. And people were continuously asking that will this project is going to happen?

Now the BR Shetty, producer of Mahabharatha, have come up with the clarification that the project will be materialized soon. He told that the project is 1000% confirmed and the movie will go on floor in 2 years. And also, the team will conduct worldwide press conference soon to announce the project at Bombay, Los Angeles, Germany, Singapore and other parts of the world.

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From his words ‘’ My dear friends, this is not a press conference. We decided to have press conference separate, worldwide. In Los Angeles, Bombay, Germany, Singapore and other parts of the world at a time, separately. But since there is a speculation that it is false news or correct news, let me clarify here that, it is true that Shreekumar approached me. He came to me and asked shall we do Mahabharat? So, what else I can say? Yes… we do this. So, then the question came, it costs 750 crores. I said make it 1000 crores. But it should be best one in the world, ever happened. So, I said ok, they said ok. So just what happened. We are doing preproduction study and all. And also, the actors, Mohanlal is confirmed, my dear friend as Bheema. And MT Vasudevan is my good friend, Mohanlal also my good friend. But I can’t say my very good friend but we know very well. He is my well-wisher also. So, what I am trying to say that we will have the best outcome have been the picture in the world. This is first time happening. And you can’t believe the support I get from Abu Dhabi, from Sri Lankan government, from Rajasthan, from Mumbai. All these places, we will give you land, will give u forest, will give u this and this type of support I am getting worldwide. Including the right, already they came, including the financiers they came. What I am trying to say that, if we having a right project, the right vision, money is not a problem. The shooting will start, of course you all know, India, Abu Dhabi, Modi and sheik Mohammed relationship very close. So, let me start this project because I am a prospect in Abu Dhabi, I earned money in Abu Dhabi and UAE. And let me say this film is shot first in Abu Dhabi in a very grand way. It will be in Abu Dhabi, no doubt about it. Then will go to India and other parts of the world. Start with Abu Dhabi.”

Watch Latest Video: Producer BR Shetty about his 1000 crores Film

So, it is officially confirmed, we can see Mohanlal’s Bheema avatar in silver screens soon. Here you can watch BR Shetty’s words about The Mahabharata- Randaamoozham.

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