Pulimurugan Live Audience Response : Kerala in a Festive Mood

Theaters releasing Mohanlal’s latest flick Pulimurugan has become nothing less than a festival occasion. Fans have been waiting for this day since long and the wait is over. The response the movie has received since the release of the trailer is something unparalleled in Malayalam movie world. The Pulimurugan live audience response in the first day is impressive. The candid reception the movie has received, and is receiving makes it one of the best releases ever happened in Mollywood, if not simply the best.

The fans shows of the movie has started today at 8 am itself. There was a whopping number of 140 fan shows for Puli Murugan. There were many areas in which more than one fan shows took place. Mohanlal is climbing to a new level which many actors couldn’t do. He is redefining the meaning of stardom and fan base in Malayalam. The live audience responses of Pulimurugan is the proof of this man’s truthful fans.

Pulimurugan Review and Pulimurugan Live audience response

Pulimurugan Live Audience Response from Theaters

Below are the video footage and reactions from the fans and movie lovers who were waiting for Pulimurugan and watched the movie during FDFS. See yourself and gets entertained with what these people have to say about the movie.

The videos of the fans eagerly waiting for the movie Pulimurugan was posted in the official page of the movie yesterday. These videos are from Kottayam Abhilash and Thiruvananthapuram Sreekumar.

In the online social networks like Facebook and twitter, the people who were waiting for the movie were very optimistic about Pulimurugan.

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