Truth Behind Soodhu Kavvum Actress Sanchita Shetty’s Private Photos and Videos

Suchitra leaks Sanchita Shetty private video in twitter

Popular RJ cum Singer in Tamil Nadu Suchitra Karthik leaks Soodhu Kavvum actress Sanchita Shetty’s private video through her twitter account. Read the truth behind Sanchita Shetty’s video here.

We have earlier reported that the popular RJ cum Singer in Tamil Nadu Suchitra Karthik leaks private photos of Dhanush, Trisha, Andrea, Anirudh, Chinmayi, Hansika Motwani and VJ Divyadarshini’s private photos through her twitter account.

These all shocking things are looks like revenge after she was targeted on Social Medias by Superstar’s fans when she allegedly mentioned that actor Dhanush’s gang had attacked her.  According to Suchitra’s husband she is unhappy with her life and that’s why is doing all this to target her enemies in the industry.

The latest news is that, private videos of these celebrities have also started leaking. The first leaked out is Soodhu Kavvum actress Sanchitha Shetty private video. And also the following tweets in her account say that videos of singer Chinmayi-Anirudh, Dhanush-Amala Paul and Dhanush-Parvathy Nair will be leaked in the coming days.

Here is the tweet:

Suchitra Karthik twitter account

Any way Soodhu Kavvum actress is totally disappointed on the issue. She told that all the stories circulating in social media are cooked up and she have no connections with it.

Meanwhile, the Sanchita clarifies in twitter that the private video and photos which circulates in her name has no connection with her. She says in twitter “I’m very much aware of what is happening on social media. I want to clarify one thing to my fans and all who love me. Whatever is circulating on social media, the pictures and video, those are not mine. Thanks for your love and support.”

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