Angamaly Diaries Climax: 1000 Artists in 11 Minutes Single Shot

The ‘Angamaly’ Climax

Angamaly Diaries is one of the most awaited movies that are going to be released on Friday, March 3rd. The movie which is directed by Lijo Jose Pellisery introduced 86 new artists in leading roles. For the first time Vijay Babu is producing without his partner Sandra Thomas.

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The most discussing topic about the film is that its climax. And to increase this, the director recently revealed some interesting details about the climax scene of the movie. He said that the whole climax is only 11 minutes long and taken in a single shot! But the number of artists will some interest and excitement in audience and that is 1000 in numbers.

Angamaly Diaries Climax single shot

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Now that is something extraordinary. That would also be a game changer in Mollywood. Lijo Jose Pellisery is one of the directors who try different techniques and attempts to make his movies perfect. “While shooting the climax, things were very favorable. So, we attempted it although we weren’t sure of the outcome. I should thank the local people for their cooperation. It was a crowd scene with over a thousand people and if one person looked into the camera it could have spoiled it,” says the director.

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Earlier he has done the same in his movie Amen too. In Amen, he took the climax scene and a song in a single shot. But it was not so long and the scene was not much crowded. And now everyone is curious about Angamaly Diaries climax.

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