Chengazhi Nambiyar : Tovino Thomas Character Poster is Amazing

The official poster of Chengazhi Nambiyar featuring Tovino Thomas is released today. The poster of Tovino Thomas as Chengazhi Nambiyar gives us the hint that the movie will be the talk of Mollywood once more details are revealed. Telling the story of rages and fights, Chengazhi Nambiyar will be one of it’s kind in Malayalam movie world.

The movie has created a buzz in the industry after it’s announcement. A movie dating back to the 15th century is set to make huge impact in the Malayalam movie industry – both on box office base and critical reception. Being the director and the script writer, Sidhil Subhrahmanyan is the heart and the soul of the movie. Chengazhi Nambiyar is produced by Cat and Mouse Production House along with Team Media.

Chengazhi Nambiyar will be the story of 101 warriors who fought against the 30,000 British army. The movie is based on Mamankam, making it the second movie touching the same theme. To be based on AD 16th century, there has to be lot of works to be made. The budget of Chengazhi Nambiyar is estimated about 100 Crores. As the movie is set in the 16th century, the characters will be using mixed Tamil and Malayalam language in the movie. This will be interesting for movie lovers. The movie will use Kerala’s traditional Karali Payattu in the fight sequences.

The movie of this much caliber requires huge pre-production works. Chengazhi Nambiyar will start rolling from 2018 onward only. The casting calls and other crew assignments have to be finalized. As per the director Sidhil Subhrahmanyan, the movie will be a multilingual one. It will also be released in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and English languages along with Malayalam too.

Tovino Thomas as Puthumana Panikkar in Chengazhi Nambiyar

Tovino Thomas will don the role of Puthumana Panikkar in the movie. Character Poster of Tovino Thomas has become another golden feather in the happening career of this young actor of Mollywood.

Tovino Thomas Character Poster in Chengazhi Nambiyar

Tovino thomas in chengazhi nambiyar malayalam movie

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