Jayalalitha Health Condition and Death Rumor Latest News Updated

The health condition of Jayalalitha along with her death rumor is shocking the Tamil people and the whole world alike. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has become the topic of discussion ever since some rumors rose saying Jayalalitha has died at Apollo Hospital, Chennai. The events evolved after the speculation of Jyalalitha’s death news (rumor) is something the social network never seen in the recent time. Even the ruling party AIADMK has not yet produced any evidence in the form of photos or videos as a proof that Jayalalitha is still alive and not yet dead. This has added more weight to the already burning death rumor.


Jayalalitha Death Rumor and health condition

It was during this situation the Apollo Hospital has released the following Press Release to undermine the rumors spreading.

Jayalalitha death statement denied by Apollo HospitalAs per the hospital, she was advised to rest for few more weeks. Although it has been close to one week since this statement is issued, the Hospital nor the AIADMK has not given any evidence regarding the truth behind Jayalalitha’s death news rumors. It was seen that her Wikipedia page getting edited by users, by adding her death date as 30th September 2016.

Jayalalitha Health Condition Updated

Since there has not been any official confirmation regarding the health condition of Jayalalitha, nothing official can be said as of now. The death rumor is circulating in the social media with the same intensity since it’s spreading.

As the Apollo Hospital has already announced that she is safe and need rest, we can only assume that the beloved Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is not dead.

There was even a video from Apollo Hospital Management, making it clear that there is no need to worry.

Watch the Video released by Apollo Hospital regarding the death rumor of Jayalalitha below :

Although there were photos of Jayalalitha in ventilator and video footage of her showing she is dead, all of them have been proved as fake. There was some news stating Dr. Richard John Beale from England has flown to Chennai to closely monitor Jayalalitha. He is the Consultant Intensivist in the famous London Bridge Hospital. If the news is true, Jayalalitha’s health condition needs more care and improvement. With the expertise the hospital and doctors are having we can only hope for her quick recovery.

We will update more about the health condition and death rumor of Jayalalitha as and when the news are available with us. Stay tuned and don’t believe in the rumors unless the news is officially confirmed.

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