Prithviraj’s Karachi 81: An Action Thriller from Pakistan

Prithviraj is rocking the theaters of Kerala with his new movie Oozham. The latest news is that the young superstar of Malayalam has given his date to a young director. The movie is titled as Karachi 81. The debutante director K S Bava is very ambitious about Prithviraj’s Karachi 81 and this is his dream movie. The buzz is that Karachi 81 is going to be the first Malayalam movie to be shot in Pakistan.

Karachi 81 : Prithviraj Again as an Army Man

The announcement of Karachi 81 came after the official announcement of Prithviraj’s Tiyan. Tiyan will have Prithviraj starring along with his elder brother Indrajith. With Karachi 81, there is a lot more to Prithviraj’s film career. As the name suggests, this Malayalam movie is going to be an action thriller. Along with Pakistan, the movie will be shot in locations like Moscow, Rajasthan and Kochi. It will be interesting to watch an high action packed movie from a debutant director like this.

Prithviraj new movie Karachi 81 first look

Prithvirja’s Karachi 81 will be an army based movie. This is what the promos and the news say. As per the director, the movie is based on real life events. Other casting has not been finalized yet. K S Bhava’s first movie was Idiots, starring Asif Ali.

The movie will be produced by Maha Subair under his banner Varnachithra. Meanwhile there are some rumors floating, saying that some other big producing house might also take hand in this promising movie.

The movie will take on after Prithviraj finishes Tiyan. The shooting of Karachi 81 will start in September. Donning the role of a military man is not a big task to Prithviraj. One of his latest flicks, Picket 43 saw a fine performance from this aspiring actor. The movie was directed by none other than Major Ravi and that will have a great hand in tuning Prithviraj for the role for this movie. Though Picket 43 was a military movie set on India Pakistan border, Karachi 81 will take you far ahead. Unlike the friendship story of Picket 43, Prithviraj’s Karachi 81 will have a action story to enthrall the audience.

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