Pulimurugan in 100 Crore Club- Goosebumps Moment to Mollywood

Finally the news we have been waiting for has arrived. A movie has come out of the deadlocks to become the first 100 Crore movie in Malayalam. And it is done by none other than the King of Mollywood box office, Mohanlal through the mass movie Pulimurugan.

Ever since the release of the movie, Pulimurugan has been touted as the biggest Malayalam movie ever made. The movie has collected a massive amount of 12.9 Crore in three days. It’s something some of the biggest Malayalam movies collect in a life time. The movie didn’t stop there. It has, on it’s way, became the fastest 10 Crore, 20 Crore, 30 Crore, 50 Crore and now finally 100 Crore in Kerala. All these records were previously held by Mohanlal’s Oppam.

Pulimurugan 100 crore collection report

Pulimurugan has been running successfully in Kerala and other theaters for the last 30 days. The rush to the theaters has not stopped a bit even after this one month time. It was during this time, the pirated copy of Pulimurugan released. But even that act too failed to stop Pulimurugan storm.

With this whopping collection report, Pulimurugan has crossed the Drishyam collection report from it’s 187 days. Film critics and movie lovers are amazed the way Pulimurugan is cruising. The movie has already become a celebration in Kerala and other parts of the world.


Pulimurugan has been running steadily in India. But it’s the GCC Release of the movie which put Pulimurugan to the 100 Crore club soon. Pulimurugan has grabbed a whopping amount of 14 Crores from GCC in just three days. If the trend continues, Pulimurugan will collect something around 50 Crore from GCC itself.

Pulimurugan is still running successfully in theaters. There is every chance that the movie will make 150 Crore business in the industry. Pulimurugan has broken all the existing records in Malayalam movie industry.

The success of Pulimurugan will be an inspiration to upcoming big budget movies in Malayalam. Malayalam movie world is no longer a small industry. Yes, records will be created here too. 100 Crore collection is not a dream anymore in Mollywood.

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